Sculptural Appeal: 18 Captivating Pieces to Showcase on a Pedestal

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Plinths and podiums have been trending for a while now. If you look back at home tours featured in the last few months (here, here and here, to show you a few), you’ll spot a socle or a plinth somewhere. I’ve also started a Pinterest board with inspiring pictures, if you are interested.

At home, we’ve built our own with pieces of wood and painted MDF boards. If DIY projects aren’t your things, Menu has a few gorgeous plinths in white* or black* marble. I also like the solid square log by Studio DRY.


Sculptural appeal

Also called a pedestal or a stand, it can be used to display a bust, a pile of books, a plant or a lamp. With the rising popularity of plinths also comes a growing interest for sculptures and other eye-catching pieces. There are more and more of them in residential interiors, from simple to precious, handpicked for their beauty. Elegant objects and exquisite curiosities add interest and a striking, personal touch to any room. And displayed on a socle, we are putting them into the spotlight, elevating them and enhancing their artistic quality.

Here, I’m sharing 18 beautiful and captivating pieces that are perfect decorative details and accessories to showcase proudly on your plinth. All sources after the jump.



Find them here:
  1. Glass art, Bertil Vallien for Kosta Boda
  2. Stoneware clay sculpture, Kristiina Haataja
  3. Collapsed Stoneware vase, Sofia Tufvasson
  4. Stainless steel Flora vase, Georg Jensen
  5. Sculpture, Kristina Dam
  6. Concrete sculpture, David Umemoto
  7. Hand thrown vase, Dale Karlsson
  8. Neo lantern, Apparatus Studio
  9. Raw ceramic candleholder, Malwina Kleparska
  10. Resin coral tree, Kelly Hoppen
  11. Brass bowl, Michael Verheyden
  12. Agate on stand
  13. Marble Circles sculpture, Kristina Dam
  14. Glass dome with marble vase
  15. Hand-painted stoneware vase, Dale Karlsson
  16. Incense burner, Apparatus
  17. Ceramic sculpture, Bo Arenander
  18. Porcelain pot, Hella Jongerius



Photos: Andy Liffner


Note: This post was first published in 2018, but it was significantly updated and republished. 








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