Peek Inside the Beautiful Home of Skagerak Owners

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Jesper and Vibeke Panduro are the creative and driven duo behind the Danish brand Skagerak. I am a big fan of the family-owned company, as it aims to craft long-lasting design and to produce responsibly – You can read all about it here, in a nice and informative text about where the materials are sourced and the B Corp certification, among others.

So it is with great pleasure that I share with you a peek inside of the couple’s home! They live in a beautifully renovated 1928 house in Aalborg, in northern Jutland, Denmark. The interior is a tasteful blend of original architectural features, a dash of pastels, a few bold decoration choices, and an edited collection of classic Scandinavian designs and products from their own assortment. Unexpected and sometimes quirky details make for an interesting style with personality.

Enjoy the tour!



Interesting to know: The company’s name, Skagerak, is inspired by the strait connecting Denmark with Sweden and Norway, also called Skagerrak (with two Rs). “We like to think of ourselves as similar to the strait: forever the same – unchangeable – yet always on the move and presented in new ways. We are old and traditional, but also new and experimenting – constantly mixing state-of-the-art ideas and methods with longstanding knowhow and virtues deeply embedded in the Nordic culture.” – Source



Check out Skagerak’s website to discover their beautiful assortment.

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Photos: Skagerak



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