Peek Inside a Serene Scandinavian Apartment + A Few Styling Principles

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There is so much to love about this place. With its pared-back color palette and aesthetic, it has that cool, calm and collected vibe that really makes you want to kick off your shoes. Comfy and inviting, yet elegant, it is a stylish place to unwind. I appreciate the harmonious decorating style, the seamless layering and careful editing. You’ll see a Loafer armchair and a Lato side table* by &Tradition, a black Slit table* from HAY, a Flash table* by Tom Dixon, and a Mantis wall lamp*. If you have an IKEA sofa, you could get a linen slipcover for a similar look. Finally, Wall of Art offers a nice selection of prints like the ones shown here.



Why it works:

Let’s deconstruct this interior, following some key styling principles:

  1. Neutral base: White ceilings, grey walls and light pine floor boards provide a great starting point for a clean and classic style.
  2. Common thread: Notice that all most furnishings are white or cream-colored, making it easy to create a cohesive look.
  3. Accents & Contrast: A few dark accents prevent the look from falling flat and enhance the composition. Brown-toned details complement the palette beautifully.
  4. Positioning: The space is well-curated and uncluttered. Everything seems to be at its right place.
  5. Reflective surfaces: Brass accents as well as glass help diffuse natural light while adding visual interest.
  6. Textures: A linen slipcover, velvet cushions, a tufted rug… Layering textile is a great way to add textures, as shown here.
  7. Botanicals:  A large Howea Forsteriana plant and poppies instantly breathe life into the place.
  8. Art: An eclectic mix of art ornate these walls – A must, because a home isn’t complete without art!


Plus: If you’ve read yesterday’s post on how to style around a couch like a pro, you’ll notice that the same tips were applied here too!



In the bedroom:

While the living area feels fresh and bright, the bedroom was meant to look more moody – Like a serene cocoon. Try the following products for a similar style at home:

Print | Velvet cushion* | Throw* | Velvet bedspread* | Table lamp | Linen bed set*



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Styling: Bybon
Photos: Alen Cordic for Bjurfors


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