Peek Inside A Minimalist Seaside Abode by Norm Architects

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Norm Architects is behind this stunning residence on the coast of Denmark. The modern beach home has a luxurious, minimalist look, a Scandic-Bohemian feels. You’ll also notice Japanese-inspired aesthetics that provide a zen vibe to the place. It is such a serene interior!

“Portraying the simple beauty of things related to nature the sensuous, natural elements play a key role in the interior of the house and the blurred lines between inside and outside”, explains Norm Architects.

There are a lot of bespoke details such as a sculptural lamp made in bronzed brass in the entrée. You’ll also find lamps from Apparatus and Workstead. A lot of accessories, ceramics and art pieces are souvenirs from

The owners, who have traveled around the world, gathered several ceramics, art pieces, and other souvenirs that are displayed throughout the home. Two large pendants from Ay Illuminate were used above the kitchen island, and the sofas are from Living Divani. There are also lamps by Apparatus and Workstead, as well as a beautiful bespoke sconce in the entrée, made of bronzed brass – A material that fits in beautifully in this interior. For a similar wall treatment, have a look at paints from St. Leo, Pure & Originals, or other manufacturers of paint with plaster or lime.

“Materials in the house are natural with colours kept in soil-, stone- and wood-nuances, with a faint touch of blue and green tones in the handmade ceramics and soft linen. Various furniture, sculptures, design elements and art pieces add a more refined and international sense to the house, and the surrounding nature flows through the panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows and is further emphasised through references in colours, tactile surfaces and patinated objects.”

Enjoy the tour!

“Portraying the simple beauty of things related to nature, the sensuous, natural elements plays a key role in the interior of the house and the blurred lines between inside and outside. The ambition to bring nature into the space comes from a wish to reclaim a connection with nature—an ambition shared by many people in todays increasingly digital and urbanised world.” – Norm Architects

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Photos: Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen


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