Pantomime by Darling Clementine

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A lovely and sweet news hit my mailbox today!

Norway-based design studio Darling Clementine is launching Pantomime, a new collection inspired by the classic colours and shapes of the Bauhaus period taken in to a contemporary setting. It consists of various paper products such as posters, cards and invites, as well as decorative cushions, quilted baby blankets, mini tote bags, mugs, and more.

The girls at Darling Clementine also came up with super cute 3D fold-out cards and party kits for kids.

Available from late September, Pantomime is a creative and playful collection I very much look forward to!


Darling-Clementine-Pantomime-01 Darling-Clementine-Pantomime-02Darling-Clementine-Pantomime-09 Darling-Clementine-Pantomime-03 Darling-Clementine-Pantomime-04 Darling-Clementine-Pantomime-05Darling-Clementine-Pantomime-07 Darling-Clementine-Pantomime-06 Darling-Clementine-Pantomime-08 Darling-Clementine-Pantomime-10

Photos: Helena Krekling for Darling Clementine


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