New Bathroom Design Concept by Frederik Wallner

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There is a new bathroom design concept in town: Swoon, designed by Fredrik Wallner. The Swedish company will be launched next week, and will offer customers a myriad of possibilities to create their own bathroom cabinets.  Swedish resident will be able to order online, and select handles, faucets, legs, materials, colours, etc. for a custom look.

The pictures shown here are styled by talented Lotta Agaton (Wallner’s wife!).

Photos: Kristofer Johnsson

Bathroom-design-concept-Swoon8 Bathroom-design-concept-Swoon7 Bathroom-design-concept-Swoon6 Bathroom-design-concept-Swoon5 Bathroom-design-concept-Swoon4 Bathroom-design-concept-Swoon3 Bathroom-design-concept-Swoon2  Bathroom-design-concept-Swoon


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  1. Katharina Drappa
    17 Mar 2014 / 14:15

    Love that his designs are gorgeous AND practical!

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