Beautifully Simple Musling Restaurant by Space Copenhagen

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Space Copenhagen did it again!

The Danish studio signs yet again another beautiful restaurant design: The Musling, located near the Torvehallerne food court. With its brown leather seats, steel tables and stained oak floor boards, the place as a gorgeous understated style. Simplicity is the rule of thumb, both in terms of materials and colors. The soft, natural light is emphasized, and is a perfect complement to the refined look of the restaurant.

“[We] worked towards an understated and honest approach to materials and ambiance, creating a space that reflects the nature of the open markets and resources outside – focusing on authenticity,” said the studio (source).

If you are a fan of seafood, make sure to stop at Musling next time you are in the Danish capital city.


Beautifully-Simple-Musling-Restaurant-by-Space-Copenhagen-01 Beautifully-Simple-Musling-Restaurant-by-Space-Copenhagen-02 Beautifully-Simple-Musling-Restaurant-by-Space-Copenhagen-03 Beautifully-Simple-Musling-Restaurant-by-Space-Copenhagen-04 Beautifully-Simple-Musling-Restaurant-by-Space-Copenhagen-05 Beautifully-Simple-Musling-Restaurant-by-Space-Copenhagen-06 Beautifully-Simple-Musling-Restaurant-by-Space-Copenhagen-07


The Danish studio is also behind the interiors of other restaurants like Kul, Geranium and Noma. They also made beautiful products for StolabGeorg JensenGubi and &Tradition, among others. Mulling is actually furnished with Space Copenhagen’s High Stools for Mater – Quite an elegant and timeless piece, right?


Photos: Joachim Wichmann via Dezeen



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