A Makeover for your IKEA Kitchen by &Shufl

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Founded by Lotte Hyldahl and Kristoffer Brems, &Shufl has the mission to give consumers the chance to own a high quality, beautiful and stylish kitchen without the price tag. They offer countertops, baseboards, doors and drawers fronts, made to fit the IKEA’s Method and Faktum kitchens cabinets.

Their products are made in Denmark, and they are available in durable materials such as MDF, laminate and linoleum. You can choose from a wide range of colors that can be mixed and matched to your liking, giving you the option to create a kitchen that truly reflects your own style and sense of aesthetic. It’s an easy and reasonably priced option if you are looking to have a unique, custom design and/or to simply revamp your old kitchen.

Lotte and Kristoffer were driven by the belief that consumers pay too much money for a quality kitchen: “We think that kitchens are too expensive. There is no reason why you should pay so much when IKEA makes an excellent product with a 25 year warranty at a fair price. And there is no reason why you should throw out your old IKEA kitchen just because the fronts have been worn or out of style.”

Let’s hope &Shufl will soon be available worldwide!

A-Makeover-for-your-IKEA-Kitchen-by-&Shufl-18A-Makeover-for-your-IKEA-Kitchen-by-&Shufl-15 A-Makeover-for-your-IKEA-Kitchen-by-&Shufl-19A-Makeover-for-your-IKEA-Kitchen-by-&Shufl-17A-Makeover-for-your-IKEA-Kitchen-by-&Shufl-14


For beautiful, real-life examples of &Shufl kitchens, check out their Instagram account.


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  1. 8 Aug 2016 / 08:32

    Great Information shared here if anyone looking to give makeover for there kitchen.

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