Marimekko Celebrates 50 Years of Unikko

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The bright, bold print known as Unikko (Finnish for “poppy”) celebrates its 50th anniversary this year and later this spring, Marimekko will be rolling out an anniversary collection of clothing and home accessories in their famous poppy pattern in vibrant colours. The new series will include among others a 50th anniversary Unikko fabric featuring a single large-scale flower on a black background and a limited edition Oiva tableware stamped with Maija Isola’s signature.

Unikko first gained worldwide attention in the 1960s, but the iconic technicolor pattern still looks as fresh and contemporary today as it did then. It was designed by Maija Isola and debuted in 1964. The original pattern was red, pink and black. “The poppy pattern was born shortly after the company’s founder Armi Ratia had announced that Marimekko would never print a floral pattern. Maija refused to obey Ami’s orders and designed an entire collection of floral patterns in protest. One of them was Unikko” – Source. Unikko is not only one of the most recognizable floral patterns ever created, its great success also bolstered the diminished Finnish economy and rekindled the country’s national pride after World War II.

Expect the year 2014 to be full of surprises: “The birthday celebration will be buzzing with special events and Unikko surprises (…). In 2014, Unikko will be popping up in places it’s never been seen before.”  After the Unikko hot-air balloon, I’m curious to see what they will come up with!

Photos: Marimekko

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  1. louise moreau
    16 May 2016 / 11:32

    Je cherche un couvre couette queen size fabriqué avec le tissus unikko marimekko, c’est trop beau.

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