Ascent Lights by Daniel Rybakken

, , , , By Erika Vierto

These fascinating Ascent lights are designed by the talented Daniel Rybakken for Luceplan. The lights have been praised by design people for both their form and function. And deservedly so! The lights are undeniably functional and beautiful in a simple way.

Rybakken’s Ascent light is designed to resemble daylight, something he has achieved by research and experimentation. The lights come in two forms, a floor light and one that can be mounted to a table. To control the intensity of lighting the head of the Ascent lights can be slided up or down. It can also be rotated freely. This way the Ascent can be used both as a work light or for setting up the mood. Perfect for a working space or a living room!

Photos: Luceplan via Est Magazine

Ascent Light by Daniel Rybakken_4Ascent Light by Daniel Rybakken_1Ascent Light by Daniel Rybakken_2

Ascent Light by Daniel Rybakken_6


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  1. 3 Apr 2014 / 01:42

    I really like the idea behind this lamp.

    What would even be better, is if it had an automatic shutdown function. For example: you slide the lamp up and it slowly slides down again (in a timespan of something like 5 minutes). This would be a great bedside table lamp.

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