How to Do Classic Shaker Kitchens the Scandinavian Way

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While natural and dark oak cabinets are everywhere lately (check out my article about this topic), I find myself increasingly drawn to the classic shaker style. I used to associate such recessed panel cabinetry with country cottages or traditional English homes, but as I found out over the years running the site, it is also frequently found in Scandinavia. And let me tell you, Scandinavians excel at designing beautiful and modern kitchens with the classic fronts. If you are skeptical (or just need your daily dose of interior inspiration), just have a look at these five examples from Nordiska Kök I’ve rounded up for you. You’ll notice uncluttered and minimal spaces, with great attention to detail, neutral walls, simple knobs, practical, hardwearing stone worktops. They all have character and an elegance that last for years to come.



Example 1 (below and above): 

This classic shaker-style kitchen is perfectly suited for the early 20th century-home in which it was in installed. It was created with the soul and history of the house in mind, but with all the facilities a modern lifestyle of today requires. It was painted a pale sage green color, with a limestone countertop and brass accents. Notice how the black range adds the right dose of contrast.



Example 2: 

This kitchen features a black, grey and black color scheme, for a beautiful simplicity. The look is pared-down, characterful, and will surely stand the test of time.




Example 3 : 

What a gorgeous greyish-blue color for cabinets! And despite the dark shade, the kitchen feels bright and airy. Surely, the fact that there are no uppers and that everything above the worktop is white -walls, ceiling, shelves and lighting fixtures- contribute to making the room luminous. Another thing to notice: Appliances are hidden except for the range, which stands out like a eye-catching, statement piece; it adds a great industrial and modern edge.




Example 4 : 

Country chic with a Scandinavian twist! This lovely kitchen can be found in a newly built home in Sweden. With its panelling and peg rail, the look could have easily looked (too) traditional and yet, it still has a modern vibe; thanks to a minimalist take on accessories and a seamless mix of designs from different eras.




Example 5 : 

Clean, minimalist shapes, cabinets and drawers in light ash, together with a pale green color creates a harmonious balance in this timeless frame kitchen. The Silestone worktop add to the fresh look of the kitchen.

You can see the kitchen styled by its owners as well as the rest of the house here.




So, I am curious: Which one do you like best?

For more beautiful Scandinavian kitchens, have a look at the dedicated folder in my image gallery.


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Photos: Osman Tahir for Nordiska Kök




  1. 25 Apr 2019 / 05:33

    My favourite one has to be the blue one, it really stands out and gives the whole room a different atmosphere. Thanks for sharing all of these examples. Carolina at Ironmongery Experts.

  2. Dianna Vecchio
    25 May 2019 / 19:34

    Fantastic post! So much inspo…………

  3. Kelly
    7 Aug 2021 / 16:13

    what is the green color of the shaker cabinets with the limestone countertops

    • Catherine
      8 Aug 2021 / 17:45

      For something similar, try Oil Cloth. If you prefer something lighter, Saybrook Sage – Both by Benjamin Moore.

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