The home of Anna Pirkola

, , , , By Erika Vierto

Today you’ll get a sneak peek at the family home of Anna Pirkola, a Finnish concept designer, blogger and stylist for Duotone studio. The calm and elegant apartment is decorated with just the right amount of design and DIY pieces to make up a balanced and stylish result. I love how the books, gorgeous clothes, LPs and beautiful objects have been used as decorational elements and details to bring a finishing touch to the interior. The Artek pendant lamps above the dining area (and of course the other Artek furniture too!), String bookshelfs, Muuto chairs, Hay’s boxes and the black and white artwork on the walls… This place is exactly what I love about Scandinavian homes: Lots of white, extremely stylish and carefully selected decoration.

Pictures: Anna Pirkola via Facing North with Gracias

The home of Anna Pirkola_1

The home of Anna Pirkola_4

The home of Anna Pirkola_6

The home of Anna Pirkola_7

The home of Anna Pirkola_5

The home of Anna Pirkola_8

The home of Anna Pirkola_10

The home of Anna Pirkola_11

The home of Anna Pirkola_9


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