Temperature Wallpaper by Form Us With Love

, , , , By Erika Vierto

Temperature Wallpaper Collection  from wallpaper brand Mr Perswall, designed by Form Us With Love, is a fun mix of beautiful colours and geometric shapes. The colours are meant to express different temperatures, from cold to hot.  According to Form Us With Love, the collection is the outcome of their exploration in how colour influence the atmosphere in a room. It’s quite interesting to see how different wallpaper actually do change the mood of a room! Make your pick: A soft, muted and minimalistic style inspired by winter, a fresh look inspired by a forest in spring, or a more spicy and cheerful interior inspired by a hot summer day!

Read more about Form Us With Love and this project here

Photos: Form Us With Love and Mr Perswall

Form-Us-With-Love-Temperatu Form-Us-With-Love-Temperatu Form Us With Love Temperature 1 Form Us With Love Temperature 2 Form Us With Love Temperature 5 Form-Us-With-Love-Temperatu



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