Green Furniture Sweden

By Catherine

Thanks to Izabella, one of our readers, we discovered Green Furniture Sweden. It  has its roots in Berhin Studios, created by the designer Johan Berhin in 2005. Today, the studio counts 13 designers, including Amy Hunting, Johanna Hansson, Markus Johansson, and Peter Schumacher, among others. Together, they have an ambition to create classics with in a sustainable way.

“Smart is green and green is smart. To be green is to use the wonderful materials handed to us by nature, and using them with finesse – sparingly, sustainably, beautifully… Green Furniture Sweden thinks green, from the concept stage to recycling and re-growth.” Read more about Green Furniture’s environment ambition and engagement here.

Here are some of our favorite products from Green Furniture Sweden (pictured above):

  • The Multi C bench comes in 1-meter modules; bent 45 degrees (concave or convex) or straight. The modules can be connected to each other, depending on the space available.
  • Using the beautiful wood waste mix that comes out of the massive wood floor industry in Sweden, BlockShelf speaks “recycled” with pride! All shelves will be unique and can easily be reconfigured by the user. It can be hung on the wall or from the ceiling, where it also can have the function of a thin room divider.
  •  Twin is a table with loose supports that fold flat. It has a double sided table-top in black/birch, black/oak and black/waln. It is also available with a glass panel.

Check out their website for more great, smart and green products!




  1. Sonia van der Zwaan
    23 Jul 2011 / 10:22

    Hi there,
    Just found your blog via twitter! What a great place have you here…
    Regards from the Netherlands!

  2. 5 Dec 2011 / 05:49

    Fell out of bed feeling down. This has bgirhetned my day!

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