Gorgeous Styling by Annaleenas Leino for BLOOC

, , , By Catherine

Look at this fresh, luminous and modern interior! It is styled by Sweden-based freelance interior stylist and designer Annaleena Leino, also editor of the blog Annaleenas Hem. Well done!If you like her style, make sure to check out her former home here – Beautiful and oh so inspiring!

Styling & Photos: Annaleena Leino and Emmie Bjervinge
Annaleena-Leino-for-Blooc-01 Annaleena-Leino-for-Blooc-02 Annaleena-Leino-for-Blooc-03 Annaleena-Leino-for-Blooc-04 Annaleena-Leino-for-Blooc-05 Annaleena-Leino-for-Blooc-06 Annaleena-Leino-for-Blooc-07 Annaleena-Leino-for-Blooc-08


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