HavsVidden: A Stunning place to retreat at the Baltic Sea

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Beautiful scenery, modern architecture, excellent restaurant, friendly staff – that’s how I would summarize my stay at HavsVidden this summer. The unique place is located on the northern tip of Åland, an archipelago lying in the Baltic Sea.

HavsVidden is a resort consisting of a hotel, a pool house and numerous cliff houses. The wooden buildings were created by Thomas Sandell, one of Sweden’s most acclaimed architects. The attractive cliff houses are being built down on the red granite promontory – a unique site with to-die-for ocean views. An harmonic landscape is being shaped as near to the ocean as you can get, where the houses melt into the nature without disturbing the surroundings.

“These magnificent free-standing wooden houses have generous terraces made of pine, which project out towards the Baltic”, says Thomas Sandell. “All of the elements have been made to take advantage of the unique light and views over the water. Enormous glass walls fill the rooms with light and space. The slightly sloping roof is highest out towards the terrace and the ocean. Clinker and parquet make the heated flooring comfortable for bare feet, while the cosy fire in the spacious lounge warms both heart and soul.”

Besides the beautiful nature and the gorgeous architecture, having a dinner at the restaurant of HavsVidden really is another great experience. In summer, you can sit outside on the terrace, watch the ocean and the sunset, and enjoy delicious food. Local produce and meats are important in the kitchen, such as the Kastelholm cheese, Bolstaholm’s meat, fresh local vegetables and herring caught in the sea…

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Photos: Stephan Lücke & Koloss for the 3D visualization

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