Give your Home an Instant Summer Vibe With Nature-Themed Prints

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Nothing enlivens a room like plants. Unfortunately not all of us have a green thumb… but you can still give that fresh look and boost of energy to a room by decorating with stylish, nature-themed prints. I love their color and simplicity, and it is the easiest way to bring the outdoors in on a budget.

Why not go bold and create a beautiful gallery wall – A fab way to inject greenery into your home, summer vibe guaranteed! But it can be a daunting project to put up an interesting and well-curated display… Not everyone enjoys the process, and many would prefer to have a ready-made solution. I get it, it can be hard to know where to start.

With the help of Desenio, I’ve gathered three gorgeous examples of gallery walls with botanical-inspired prints I find inspiring to show you just how easy and affordable it is to recreate the look. Dressing up your walls is easier than you thought!

Happy shopping!


Gallery Wall #1

How to get the look:

‘Peace Handwriting’ 50×70 cm | ‘Palm’ 30×40 cm | ‘White Poppy Close Up’ 30×40 cm in a 40×50 cm frame | ‘Golden Green Leaf’ 21×30 cm | ‘Golden Leafs’ 21×30 cm | ‘Your Mind’ 50×70 cm | ‘White Poppy Flower’ 21×30 cm in a Moebe A3 frame | ‘Eucalyptus Branch Two’ 30×40 cm | ‘Golden Palm’ 50×70 cm in a 70×100 cm frame | ‘Cactus Flower’ 50×70 cm | ‘Monstera Deliciosa’ 50×50 cm

Total: $259.45 (excluding frames)



Gallery Wall #2

How to get the look: 

Blooming White Poppies’ 30×40 cm. | ‘Today Will Be Great’ 30×40 cm. | ‘Golden Palm’ 30×40 cm in a 40×50 cm frame. | ‘Terrafirma’ 50×70 cm. | ‘Sea Urchin’ 50×70 cm.

Total: $129.75 (excluding frames)



Gallery Wall #3

How to get the look:

‘Banana Leaf Shades No1’ 50×70 cm. | ‘Plant Branch’ 50×70 cm. | ‘Monstera Cluster’ 30×40 cm. | ‘Eucalyptus Stem’ 30×40 cm. | ‘Monstera Pair’ 30×40 cm in a 40×50 cm frame. | ‘Banana Leaf Shades No2’ 50×70 cm.

Total: $164.70 (excluding frames)



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Disclaimer: This article was brought to you in collaboration with Desenio. It is an online retailer that I truly love and genuinely recommend. All words are my own. My partners contribute to the growth of Nordic Design, and I thank you for supporting them.



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