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I came across these beautiful pictures by MUNK Collective, thanks to design shop extraordinaire espoo.

MUNK Collective is a newcomer in the Danish design scene. The organisation behind MUNK collects the designers and products that fit into their world, and includes them in the collective that makes up the company. At the moment, they partnered with Hviid Damsbo, Johansen & Faurschou, and NOERGAARD-KECHAYAS. Not much more info is available yet on the World Wide Web, but these pics below are definitely promising. I can’t wait to see more products by MUNK Collective!

Photos: Munk Collective


Munk-Collective-08 Munk-Collective-07 Munk-Collective-06 Munk-Collective-05
Munk-Collective-03 Munk-Collective-02


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