Sophisticated Living in a Former Chocolate Factory

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Located in a former chocolate factory in Stockholm, this residential project by Oscar Properties offers stunning apartments in a prime location. The styling is so beautiful, it makes me want to move in right now! Each unit has lots of charm, with numerous original architectural features. The apartments are sophisticated, modern, luminous, and simply breathtaking.

Photos: Oscar Properties

Modern-Living-in-a-Chocolate-Factory01 Modern-Living-in-a-Chocolate-Factory10 Modern-Living-in-a-Chocolate-Factory09Modern-Living-in-a-Chocolate-Factory07 Modern-Living-in-a-Chocolate-Factory06 Modern-Living-in-a-Chocolate-Factory05 Modern-Living-in-a-Chocolate-Factory04 Modern-Living-in-a-Chocolate-Factory03 Modern-Living-in-a-Chocolate-Factory02Modern-Living-in-a-Chocolate-Factory08


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