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I came across the blog House of Philia the other day, and I was smitten by the interior of, well, Philia’s house. It is sophisticated and carefully decorated with fantastic furnishings by Gubi, Asplund, Svenskt Tenn, Thonet, and Louis Poulsen, among others. Living in Sweden and a lifestyle blogger since 2009, Philia shares snips and bits of her family life, travels, recipes and gorgeous home.  Here are some of my favourite pics. Enjoy!

Photos: House of Philia

House-of-philia-01 House-of-philia-06House-of-philia-02 House-of-philia-03  House-of-philia-05  House-of-philia-07 House-of-philia-08 House-of-philia-09 House-of-philia-10  House-of-philia-12 House-of-philia-13House-of-philia-04House-of-philia-11


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