Who is afraid of black?

, , , By Catherine Lazure | Nordic Design
Let’s be honest, going for the black walls throughout your home takes courage and commitment. No many people would dare to go for this dramatic look.
While my own house is painted white all over, I have to admit that I really love this fabulous apartment captured by Romain Ricard. It is modern and elegant, and simply stunning. It looks like a luxurious cocoon.
The key to create a beautiful black interior is to have proper natural light, as well as to select décorative objects and furnishings that create interesting contrasts and softens the effect of dark walls. All the artwork on white paper contributed to making the place look more luminous.
What do you think about this place? Would you dare?


Black-apartment5Black-apartment7 Black-apartment8Black-apartment2Black-apartment4   Black-apartment6


Photos: Romain Ricard




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