Curated and Ethereal Apartment by Studio Oink

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German design lab Studio Oink is behind this amazing project called House CAL II.

The completely renovated home is now a bright, luxurious and stylish residence. The place is carefully curated, and has a great mix of vintage and new – Antique pieces, design classics, contemporary furnishings, etc. all fit beautifully in the old apartment and complement the original feature. Hello, original black ceramic stove. Studio Oink’s own creations, including the dining table and bench, can be spotted in this stunning interior.

The palette of earthy tones contributes to the serene atmosphere, and many soft textures add some warmth and richness to the place.

So many great details. Very inspiring!

Enjoy the tour below.


Curated-and-Ethereal-Apartment-by-Studio-Oink-05Curated-and-Ethereal-Apartment-by-Studio-Oink-01 Curated-and-Ethereal-Apartment-by-Studio-Oink-03 Curated-and-Ethereal-Apartment-by-Studio-Oink-04 Curated-and-Ethereal-Apartment-by-Studio-Oink-06 Curated-and-Ethereal-Apartment-by-Studio-Oink-07 Curated-and-Ethereal-Apartment-by-Studio-Oink-08 Curated-and-Ethereal-Apartment-by-Studio-Oink-09 Curated-and-Ethereal-Apartment-by-Studio-Oink-10 Curated-and-Ethereal-Apartment-by-Studio-Oink-11Curated-and-Ethereal-Apartment-by-Studio-Oink-02 Curated-and-Ethereal-Apartment-by-Studio-Oink-12


Photos: Studio Oink



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