Byoh Matcha Bar by Norm Architects

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Byoh Matcha bar in Copenhagen recently got a beautiful makeover by Norm Architects. Filled with products from Menu, the place resemble a showroom. It is completely white, with fresh green accents reminiscent of the powdered tea served at the bar. It is bright and airy, and a great place to enjoy a healthy Matcha drink!

For those of you who (just like me before writing this article) don’t know what Matcha is, here’s an explanation from Byoh:

“The unique method of cultivation where tea fields be covered the last weeks before the harvest is the hallmark of Matcha. A cloth reduces the amount of sunlight and force plants to produce more chlorophyll and amino acids in order to continue the growth, providing Matcha a unique composition of food, beverages and flavoring agents. The matcha green powdered tea is available in different quality grades and (…) byoh’s quality is the highest, namely Ceremonial Grade used for the Japanese tea ceremony. It is organic and handpicked.” Read more here.

Byoh Match Bar
Helgoland Gade 13
1653 Copenhagen
+45 61 46 04 90


Norm-architects-Matcha-Bar-01 Norm-architects-Matcha-Bar-02 Norm-architects-Matcha-Bar-03 Norm-architects-Matcha-Bar-04 Norm-architects-Matcha-Bar-05 Norm-architects-Matcha-Bar-06 Norm-architects-Matcha-Bar-07 Norm-architects-Matcha-Bar-08


Photos: Norm Architects



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