Serene Apartment in Shades We Love

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This apartment for sale in Sweden is definitely Pinterest worthy – We’re loving the living room, with that blue velvet sofa, Flos wall lamp, light grey walls, dark floors, the artwork, the right among of black and white accents… We’re taking notes!

The curated workspace is also inspiring, as well as the shot with the low coffee table. And talk about that gorgeous, dark herringbone flooring..! The all-white bedroom is pretty great too – A bright and light cocoon.

The whole place feels serene and fresh. Beautifully simple!


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Light-and-Bright-Cozy-Cocoon-NordicDesign-01 Light-and-Bright-Cozy-Cocoon-NordicDesign-02 Light-and-Bright-Cozy-Cocoon-NordicDesign-03 Light-and-Bright-Cozy-Cocoon-NordicDesign-04 Light-and-Bright-Cozy-Cocoon-NordicDesign-05 Light-and-Bright-Cozy-Cocoon-NordicDesign-06 Light-and-Bright-Cozy-Cocoon-NordicDesign-07 Light-and-Bright-Cozy-Cocoon-NordicDesign-08 Light-and-Bright-Cozy-Cocoon-NordicDesign-09


Styling: Johanna Bagge
Photos: Alice Johnsson for Alvhem



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