A Cool Members-Only Club and Work Space for Stockholm’s Creatives

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Located in a building that once housed the Beckmans School of Design in Stockholm, Alma is recently opened hub for creatives to connect, hang out, exchange ideas and stimulate collaboration. The founders, Fredrik Carlström (who is also behind the design shop Austere) and Anna Behring Lundh, felt such place was missing in the Swedish capital city. Together with architect firm Tham & Videgård, they created a stylish ‘home’ for the design- and art-centric community.

A mix of social and working spaces, Alma features a design shop, as well as a café serving its own special blend, both accessible to the public. Starting at 200 euro/235 USD per month, a membership gives access to social lounge spaces, communal work tables, private office rooms, conference rooms and a recording studio. Members can enjoy top-notch meals at the restaurant by renowned chefs Martin Brag and Leo Frodell. Oh, and they also thought of the needs of families: The place has a kids corner and will offer a weekend brunch with special activities for the little ones.

The interior is inspiring and refined, and it is filled with art. It features custom light fixtures by Kasper Friis Kjeldgaard, bespoke tables by Erik Järkil and exclusive tableware by ceramist Rikard Palmquist.

The combination of dark grey, teal and oak is truly beautiful. The patterned tiled floor is a nice touch, too.



“We want Alma to be a place where people and their ideas feel comfortable, inspired and a bit spoiled,” says co-founder Fredrik Carlström. “Stockholm is filled with innovation and new ideas, but it’s also a bit of a bubble. Start-ups are the children of industry and they need to be part of a larger context and be connected to the rest of society to succeed. (…) For such a creative city, Stockholm seemed to be missing a place for creatives to congregate – at least that is what people are telling us. And we hope Alma might be a cure for that.” – Source


Photos: Emil Fagander






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