A Highly-Curated Interior Where Scandinavian Functionalism And Refinement Rule

, , , , , , By Catherine Lazure | Nordic Design

The Stockholm-based interior architects at Whyte Lilja worked hand in hand with AVW Arquitectura to create Impremta Gardena living complex of 12 luxurious apartments in a beautifully renovated historic building in Palma’s Old Town, Mallorca. 

Each apartment is a true urban oasis, conceived with a focus on blending historic and modern design for character. The interior is kept beautifully simple and timeless, with Scandinavian functionalism as a rule of thumb and carefully selected details and materials. Fantastic chevron patterned oak floors and the calm colors palette adds to the warm, sophisticated atmosphere. Original elements were preserved and/or enhanced, like the large windows, generous ceiling heights and restored beams. A gorgeous minimalist kitchen brings a modern expression. The place is tastefully decorated; a perfect style for the rich interior.

Impremta Garden also offers an amazing open patio with a pool for its residents (see last picture below) – I mean, who wouldn’t want to lounge there? Stunning.



Where do I sign? Haha, I wish…


 Photos: via Impremta Garden





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