Classic Monochrome Home in Sweden

, , , By Catherine

This beautiful home has a timeless appeal. The monochrome palette creates a calm and serene atmosphere, and the styling is simple yet sophisticated. It is contemporary, with a few classic elements.

I like how the place is flooded with natural light, as well as the fluidity between the rooms – So spacious!

What a stunning herringbone parquet floor! Oh, and did you see the envy-inducing dressing room?

Enjoy the tour below!

Classic-Monochrome-Home-01 Classic-Monochrome-Home-02 Classic-Monochrome-Home-03 Classic-Monochrome-Home-04 Classic-Monochrome-Home-05 Classic-Monochrome-Home-06 Classic-Monochrome-Home-07 Classic-Monochrome-Home-08 Classic-Monochrome-Home-09 Classic-Monochrome-Home-10 Classic-Monochrome-Home-11

Photos: Entrance


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