A Serene and Warm Sanctuary with a Swedish Charm

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Evelina Kravaev Söderberg is H&M Home‘s Head of Design, and here’s her beautiful and luminous home in Stockholm. It is a serene and warm sanctuary with a great Swedish charm! It is filled with vintage finds and Mid-Century pieces, all carefully gathered over the years, combined with H&M Home products.

She is a fan of still-life vignettes, which she creates  to refresh the look of her home by mixing travel souvenirs, handmade objects and other favourite home accessories.

The interior is simple and yet very refined, considered and timeless.


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The-Stylish-home-of-a-HM-Head-of-Design-02 The-Stylish-home-of-a-HM-Head-of-Design-03 The-Stylish-home-of-a-HM-Head-of-Design-04 The-Stylish-home-of-a-HM-Head-of-Design-05
The-Stylish-home-of-a-HM-Head-of-Design The-Stylish-home-of-a-HM-Head-of-Design-06 The-Stylish-home-of-a-HM-Head-of-Design-07 The-Stylish-home-of-a-HM-Head-of-Design-08
The-Stylish-home-of-a-HM-Head-of-Design-09 The-Stylish-home-of-a-HM-Head-of-Design-10

Photos: Elle Décor


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