Bright and Spacious Copenhagen Apartment

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With its 355 square meters, this gorgeous apartment overlooking the Copenhagen lakes offers plenty of space for the family living here. Not only is the floor plan roomy, but the ceiling height is also quite impressive. Notice the three-meter tall tree in the living room…

Numerous original details were preserved when the owners restored the old building, such as the parquet floor and the stunning ceiling ornaments. The place was decorated with a great mix of classic and contemporary furniture, and it has an interesting and personal. An entire wall in the living room is decorated with framed artwork, lamps, acrylic display boxes/shelves and knickknacks, creating a beautiful and unique focal point. What a lovely place!

Enjoy the tour below.

Spacious-and-Bright-Copenhagen-Apartment-01 Spacious-and-Bright-Copenhagen-Apartment-02 Spacious-and-Bright-Copenhagen-Apartment-03 Spacious-and-Bright-Copenhagen-Apartment-04 Spacious-and-Bright-Copenhagen-Apartment-05 Spacious-and-Bright-Copenhagen-Apartment-06

Photos: Mikkel Adsbøl/House of Pictures via BoBedre


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