AndTradition and its 2016 Collection

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We just came across these beautiful shots from Danish brand AndTradition‘s 2016 collection.

I like the moody palette consisting of dark blue, sand, olive green, burnt orange… There is also a fantastic play between light and shadow in each picture. It’s artistic and editorial, while (seemingly) simple and understated. Very well done!

The pics also feature the latest newcomers in AndTradition’s assortment: New wall light series, rugs, desks, and relaunched Bellevue lights.

See more here.


AndTradition-2016CollectionV2-07AndTradition-2016CollectionV2-01 AndTradition-2016CollectionV2-02 AndTradition-2016CollectionV2-03AndTradition-2016CollectionV2-11 AndTradition-2016CollectionV2-04 AndTradition-2016CollectionV2-05 AndTradition-2016CollectionV2-06 AndTradition-2016CollectionV2-08 AndTradition-2016CollectionV2-09 AndTradition-2016CollectionV2-10

Photos: AndTradition


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