A Beautifully Styled 40 sqm Apartment in Stockholm

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This small apartment in Stockholm has a lot to offer, and is a great source of inspiration.

Currently on the market via real estate company Alexander White, the place was styled beautifully in a simple, cozy way. The restrained color palette creates a serene atmosphere and gives a polished, consistent look to the space. The mostly grey interior is warmed up with a fantastic oak herringbone parquet floor, a cognac leather couch and vintage wooden chairs. The numerous green plants add a fresh touch. The walls are adorned with lots of beautiful artwork, mostly in black and white. To find similar prints, check out Desenio and The Poster Club.

I like the sleek kitchen with its stone countertop, and that similar cabinets were used from floor to ceiling in the bedroom, creating an entire wall for storage.

All in all, the look is elegant, but in an understated way. I’m loving it!


A-Beautifully-Styled-40-sqm-Apartment-in-Stockholm-02 A-Beautifully-Styled-40-sqm-Apartment-in-Stockholm-02B A-Beautifully-Styled-40-sqm-Apartment-in-Stockholm-03 A-Beautifully-Styled-40-sqm-Apartment-in-Stockholm-04 A-Beautifully-Styled-40-sqm-Apartment-in-Stockholm-05 A-Beautifully-Styled-40-sqm-Apartment-in-Stockholm-06 A-Beautifully-Styled-40-sqm-Apartment-in-Stockholm-07 A-Beautifully-Styled-40-sqm-Apartment-in-Stockholm-08 A-Beautifully-Styled-40-sqm-Apartment-in-Stockholm-09 A-Beautifully-Styled-40-sqm-Apartment-in-Stockholm-10

Photos: Henrik Nero via Alexander White



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