Beautifully Simple and Pared Down Interior

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This lovely apartment might be tiny (only 30 square meters), it is big on style!

It has a beautiful, timeless and pared down palette of beige, grey, nude and pink, which create a simple and serene atmosphere that I love.

The brass accents, as well as the thick velvet curtains, add a touch of sophistication to the look.

The kitchen is quite nice – The blush paint color on the wall provides a delicate and unexpected contrast with the grey cabinets and marble countertop. It’s pretty, but not overly sweet.

Inspiring styling, right?


Beautifully-Simple-and-Pared-Down-Interior-01 Beautifully-Simple-and-Pared-Down-Interior-02 Beautifully-Simple-and-Pared-Down-Interior-03 Beautifully-Simple-and-Pared-Down-Interior-04 Beautifully-Simple-and-Pared-Down-Interior-05 Beautifully-Simple-and-Pared-Down-Interior-06 Beautifully-Simple-and-Pared-Down-Interior-07 Beautifully-Simple-and-Pared-Down-Interior-08Beautifully-Simple-and-Pared-Down-Interior-09


Photos: Fantastic Frank



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