My Baby List (yep, I’m pregnant!)

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Nordic Design hasn’t really been a platform where I’d share news  about my personal life, but I couldn’t keep this one for myself… I’m excited to announced that I’m expecting my first child at the end of October!

If you would tell me a few years back that I was going to be a mom, I would never have believed it. Motherhood wasn’t something I dreamt of; I simply thought it wasn’t for me. I like children, I just didn’t want some of my own – Until recently. And soon we’ll be three!

It is quite an exciting adventure we are embarking on, my husband and I. Kjartan, who is also Nordic Design’s ultimate tech guy and biggest supporter, will be a terrific dad and knowing this is all I need to feel secure that we will pull this off. Sure, parenthood will have its challenges, but we’re excited to take this new role and run with it. Exciting times ahead!

The pregnancy is going really well so far, I’ve been lucky. I’m curious to see how I will balance work and family life. I plan to take a short break from the website towards the end of the year, but Nordic Design will be regularly updated, thanks to a bunch of articles the contributors and I will have prepared for you.

If you’ve been following me on Pinterest, you might have noticed I’ve been in a pinning frenzy lately, with a clear penchant for nursery decor ideas, toys and apparel for the little one. It hasn’t been easy to find stylish products for kids and parents where I live, so I’ve turned to the web. I made so many great discoveries, and I wanted to share them with you. So here are a few must-haves combining function and aesthetics from some of my favourite (mostly) Scandinavian brands.

Obviously, the wish list is much longer than that… but if you’d like to share a fab find you think I’d enjoy, I’d be more than happy to read your suggestion(s) in the comment section below.

Here’s to new beginnings!




DockAtot: This fab find from Sweden is a total must-have for new parents! It consists of a stylish lounging pod for tots from 0-36 months. Easy to carry around the house and multi-functional, the award-winning DockAtot is ideal for resting, changing, playing or for some tummy time.

Bunny: Named Gentle Jackson, this super cute bunny  is made from 100% cotton by Swedish brand Elodie Details. It will become softer and softer after each wash. Two other companions are also available, Loving Lily and Tender BunnyBelle, making a lovely cuddly trio for the little one.

Tripp Trapp chair: The Tripp Trapp chair by Stokke is a Norwegian design icon, in my opinion. This classic design by Peter Opsvik dates back to 1972, and it is made from solid beech wood. The chair allows to bring the baby to the dining table and closer to the family. It is adjustable and grows with the child, so it is the kind of furniture you’ll keep for a very long time.

Wooden toys: I’m loving these beautiful, minimalist wooden toys. I’ll use them to decorate the nursery until my boy is old enough to play with them. They are 100% handmade by Pinch Toys from alder wood with non toxic paint. Featured here are the donkey and the rabbit, but many more options are also available.

Sleeping bag: Such sleeping bag is a great option to ensure a crib-active baby stays warm at night. This model is for newborns up to 6 months and is made by Garbo & Friends. Established in Sweden, the brand offers fantastic textile and children accessories often with pretty patterns and delicate colours.

Cutlery set: We’ll bring fun and cuteness at the table with this animal-shaped children’s cutlery set. The four-piece set consists of a rabbit, teddy bear, cat and monkey made with stainless steel with a matte finish. The set is designed by Karin Mannerstål for Gense.


Bouncer: This bouncer is by BabyBjörn, a family-run company from Sweden. It is super practical and functional: It is adjustable in different positions, can be folded completely flat, and can be transformed into a chair for older tots. The baby’s own movement create a natural rocking motion that entertains and soothes. Plus: It has a stylish and minimal look!

Baby gym: A baby gym is usually something that was purely intended to entertain the little one, but with little consideration for aesthetic. Well, not this one! Created by Danish brand Franck & Fischer, the BabySpyder is easy to fold and to bring along. It has three legs made from moulded birch plywood, with holes at different heights to hang toys.

Baby bonnet: This gorgeous bonnet is delicately hand-knitted with care by Gunvør Reyðberg from the Faroe Islands. I came across one of her pictures on Instagram, and placed a special order for my baby-to-be right away! It will be perfect for the upcoming winter.

Melamine tableware: I’m loving these graphic plates, bowls and cups with the alphabet in ‘AJ Vintage ABC’ typography created in 1937 by famous Danish designer Arne Jacobsen. They are made from durable melamine by Design Letters.

Outerwear: How cute is this sleeping bag!? Handmade with care in Spain by Babybites, this playful, extra soft, star-shaped bag will be perfect to keep the little one warm and comfy.

Wooden : This charming Baby Stroller is by Dennis Ingermansson for Playsam, a leading Scandinavian design company making playful and creative wooden toys. It has four moving wheels, a removable baby and a metal handle. With its glossy look and thoughtful design, it is classic, simple and sophisticated – A great keepsake.


Merino wool bodysuit: Bodysuits like this one are great essentials to have at hand. Because it is made from 100% organic merino wool, it will keep the baby warm in winter and cool during summer. They are ideal for under clothes or combined with leggings.

Muslin swaddle: This dedicate and soft organic Muslin swaddle by Danish brand Cam Cam feels like true luxury. Lightweight and breathable, it makes an ideal blanket to keep the little one comfy and cozy.

Washable cushion: This lovely cushion is not only pretty, it is also easily washable, making it super convenient! It is handmade by Lorena Canals, as well as 100% natural and anti-allergen. The company also makes machine-washable rugs for kids in a wide array of designs and colours.

Tumbling furniture: Tumbling furniture is a concept developed by Danish brand bObles. Tiltable, rockable, rollable, stackable… They are designed to develop the kids’ motor skills while they are having fun, exploring and playing. Easy to clean and light, they are produced in solid EVA-foam with a soft surface. I’m definitely getting a few of them!

Swing: I’m quite excited about this swing by La Clinica Design! It’s super nice, right!?
As it can be used both indoor and outdoor, I definitely intend to find a spot for it on the screened porched next summer, as well as somewhere in my dining room during the colder months.

Hooded towel: Little ones can get cold quickly, so hooded towels are perfect to keep their head warm after a bath. I like this one from Elodie Details. It has high quality absorbent terrycloth on one side and luxuriously soft velour on the other. Cute, cozy, comfy and functional.

To see more products I love, check out this Pinterest board.

Photo: The beautiful shot from the top banner is by Instagrammer Emsloo 



  1. 22 Aug 2016 / 02:41

    congratulations, catherine!

  2. 22 Aug 2016 / 07:25

    Oh wow, massive Congratulations! Finding well designed baby gear that isn’t all brightly coloured garish plastic is tough. These are some lovely finds though.

    • 22 Aug 2016 / 07:58

      Thanks Stacey! It is, it is a challenge… Happy you like these finds!

  3. AOK
    29 Aug 2016 / 02:54

    I’ve been a big fan of your site for about a year. Your site has introduced me to so many great designs and aesthetics. Thank you for all the time you take for curating such a great site. Just wanted to say congratulations and thank you!

  4. AOK
    29 Aug 2016 / 02:56

    Also, meant to say that the Baby Bjorn bouncer you listed was the one must-have we tell all parents-to-be to buy. We had the older version (our oldest is 9), but it was single-handedly our favorite and most useful baby purchase. Highly recommend it.

    • 12 Sep 2016 / 10:42

      I’ve only heard good things about the Baby Bjorn bouncer – Curious to see if my little one likes it too!
      Thanks for the recommendation!

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