A New Series of Vessels by Jennifer Hagler for DBKD

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Stylist Jennifer Hagler, also known as the founder and author of A Merry Mishap, recently collaborated with Swedish company DBKD to create these a new collection.

It consists of a series of gorgeous ceramic vessels in soft shapes, available in three timeless shades; white, nude and grey.

“I wanted the colors to be tonal and complimentary to each other so you can display several colors together and there are soft differences between them.” – Jennifer Hagler

The collection was launched this week at the Formex fair in Stockholm.



Vases-designed-by-Jenniger-Hagler-for-DBKD-06Vases-designed-by-Jenniger-Hagler-for-DBKD-05 Vases-designed-by-Jenniger-Hagler-for-DBKD-04 Vases-designed-by-Jenniger-Hagler-for-DBKD-03 Vases-designed-by-Jenniger-Hagler-for-DBKD-02 Vases-designed-by-Jenniger-Hagler-for-DBKD-01

DBKB previously partnered with Swedish stylist Hanna Wessman. Her pots are on our wish list!

Plus: We featured her very inspiring house here!


Photos: Jennifer Hagler and DBKB



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