Beautiful Villa Mörtnäs

, , , By Catherine

This 260 sqm villa is located north of Stockholm. It is designed by architectural firm fourfoursixsix for Swedish developer Strömma Projekt.

I like the house’s minimalist style, the light pine flooring.  the large windows and the open floor plan. It is stylishly furnished, with a beautiful color palette

See more pics here.

Photos: Wrede via La Maison d’Anna G

Villa-Mortnas-Sweden-01 Villa-Mortnas-Sweden-02 Villa-Mortnas-Sweden-03 Villa-Mortnas-Sweden-04Villa-Mortnas-Sweden-045Villa-Mortnas-Sweden-06 Villa-Mortnas-Sweden-07 Villa-Mortnas-Sweden-08 Villa-Mortnas-Sweden-09 Villa-Mortnas-Sweden-10  Villa-Mortnas-Sweden-12 Villa-Mortnas-Sweden-13


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