A Beautiful Apartment in Helsinki in Muted Tones

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Interior designer Laura Seppänen is the creative mind behind this beautiful home in Helsinki. The owner of this two-room apartment wanted a hotel room look, with muted tones, and Laura envisioned this look.

The stylish, subdued and classic palette was carefully respected throughout the place. The furniture and decorative accessories were carefully selected, most of which are from Finnish brands and/or designers, like Adea and Valanti, among others.

I also spot a few products from Menu, such as the Willmann vase, the Wire Bowl, and the POV wall candleholder. All prints are from The Poster Club.


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A-Beautiful-Apartment-in-Helsinki-in-Muted-Tones-02 A-Beautiful-Apartment-in-Helsinki-in-Muted-Tones-03 A-Beautiful-Apartment-in-Helsinki-in-Muted-Tones-04 A-Beautiful-Apartment-in-Helsinki-in-Muted-Tones-05
A-Beautiful-Apartment-in-Helsinki-in-Muted-Tones-06 A-Beautiful-Apartment-in-Helsinki-in-Muted-Tones-07 A-Beautiful-Apartment-in-Helsinki-in-Muted-Tones-08 A-Beautiful-Apartment-in-Helsinki-in-Muted-Tones-09


See more work by Laura Seppänen here, here and here. You can also read a nice little interview I did with her last year.


Interior design and styling: Laura Seppänen
Photos: Suvi Kesäläinen




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