Bright Helsinki Apartment with a Fresh Nordic Style

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Fresh news hit my inbox today! Talented Finnish interior stylist Laura Seppänen, who is behind the cool Block by Dylan restaurant, shared pictures of her latest project. It is a bright, 52 square-meter home in Helsinki with a scandinavian style and a warm, serene atmosphere. She used several home furnishings from Danish designers (prints by fab Silke Bonde among others), vintage elements and blue accents… It’s lovely!


laura-seppanen-interior-pauliina-salonen-avotakka-01 laura-seppanen-interior-pauliina-salonen-avotakka-02 laura-seppanen-interior-pauliina-salonen-avotakka-03 laura-seppanen-interior-pauliina-salonen-avotakka-04 laura-seppanen-interior-pauliina-salonen-avotakka-05 laura-seppanen-interior-pauliina-salonen-avotakka-06 laura-seppanen-interior-pauliina-salonen-avotakka-07 laura-seppanen-interior-pauliina-salonen-avotakka-08 laura-seppanen-interior-pauliina-salonen-avotakka-09 laura-seppanen-interior-pauliina-salonen-avotakka-10

Find out more about Laura by reading a recent interview we had with her last year.

Photos: Pauliina Salonen


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