A Small Stockholm Apartment Big On Style

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This is the home of Swedish songwriter Simon Strömstedt, and what it lacks in size, it makes up for in style!

The 409 square-feet (38 m2) Stockholm apartment is a perfect example of how to make the most of a small space.

It surely helps that it has an uncluttered look, with a clever layout and large windows. The pared-down palette, consisting mostly of white, contributes to making the space feel airy and bright. The large mirrors reflect the light and add dimension to the small space. A steel-framed glass wall helps to define the different rooms, without closing them off.

The styling is on point, with a focus on simplicity, and a skillful play of textures and shapes that add warmth and interest.

The interior is modern and refined, yet unpretentious. An edited collection of beloved objects is on display, and includes ceramics by Karin Eriksson, Joel Sandelius and anna Harström, among others.

I spot items from Ikea, such as the dining table and chairs, and Frosta stools that are used as nightstands – what a clever DIY.

Take a peek!

If you are curious to see more, Simon regularly shares snaps of his beautiful home on his Instagram account.

Styling: Pella Hedeby
Photos: Ragnar Omarsson for Residence


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