Small Space Roundup: 12 Stylish Scandinavian Apartments Under 35 m² / 377 ft²

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Just because your studio apartment is small, doesn’t mean it has to feel like bland student housing. Granted, your options are limited when it comes to furnishing a room meant for sleeping, eating, working, and hanging out. But with some space planning and the right style, you can turn your tiny home into your perfect little nest.

Here, I’ve rounded up 12 Scandinavian apartments under 35 m² / 377 ft², all brimming with inspiration – Comment below to tell me which one you prefer!

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Small home #1 – 30 m² / 323 f²

Photos: Kvarteret Mäkleri

Small home #2 – 19 m² / 205 f²

Photos: Historika Hem

Small home #3 – 35 m² / 377 f²

Photos: Alvhem

Small home #4 – 33 m² / 355 f²

Photos: Janne Olander for Stadshem

Small home #5 – 23 m² / 248 f²

Photos: Jonas Berg for Stadshem

Small home #6 – 22 m² / 237 ft²

Photos: Bosthlm

Small home #7 – 35 m² / 377 ft²

Photos: Kvarteret Mäkleri

Small home #8 – 20 m² / 215 ft²

Photos: Janne Olander for Stadhsem

Small home #9 – 34 m² / 366 ft²

Photos: Entrance

Small home #10 – 26.5 m² / 285 f²

Photos: Alvhem

Small home #11 – 24 m² / 255 f²

Photos: Boukari for Historika Hem

Small home #12 – 34 m² / 366 f²

Photos: Alen Cordic for Bjurfors

First photo: Alvhem



  1. Michelle
    7 Oct 2020 / 09:54

    I loooveee this article! Small space doesn’t mean less style!

    • Catherine
      19 Oct 2020 / 16:30

      Thank you Michelle! Happy to know you enjoyed the article! Indeed, small is beautiful :) I find these pictures so inspiring!

  2. Willi
    30 Sep 2021 / 17:11

    Those are really cute, well-designed little apartments! I especially like the first one, the sofa doesn’t look very comfortable but its rich, dark wood and the rattan (Viennaise braid?) look super-interesting and add texture. Coupled with the shaggy rug and the velvet/velour furniture, the texture mix is fascinating! It also looks a bit empty in some shots, though, and I can’t see a TV or computer. I wonder if this is a main home or just a secondary one? Still, really well done!

    I also like the two differently sized mirrors over the dining room in apartment 2, that’s a great idea! And apartment 5 is just cute and very feminine overall. Apartment 9 has an absolutely beautiful kitchen! And apartment 12 has a really clever color scheme, the black supporting beams turn a necessity into a feature.

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