A Modern and Compact Floating Home in Copenhagen

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Lisbeth Juul and Laust Nørgaard designed and built themselves their beautiful 860-square-foot floating home in Copenhagen. Every detail was carefully thought of to meet the couple’s needs, and based on their +25 years of experience living on water.

Wanting to “live more sustainably and maintenance-free”, as the residents explain, they created a minimal and modern home. The interior is also kept simple, clad with plywood panels, and with carefully selected furnishings. The black Vipp kitchen is a stunning focal point, and the numerous windows allow the light to flood the place.

“It’s like living in a summerhouse all year round. The light is absolutely the most life-giving thing about it,” says Juul.

Apparently, Juul begins each day by diving in the pristine waters, directly from her bedroom. Sounds pretty nice, right?


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Photos: Anders Hviid via Dwell



  1. 29 Jul 2015 / 12:55

    Wow! I think this looks like a great place to be! I wonder what challenges comes with living entirely on the water, but for now, I’ll just imagine myself sitting on the terrace enjoying life.

  2. martinsson
    28 Mar 2016 / 03:46

    Anybody knows what brand are circular ceiling lights? Could be Modular?

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