8 Warm and Seductive Scandinavian Perfumes for Fall/Winter

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I’ve got so many enthusiastic responses after publishing an article about my favorite Scandinavian perfumes for summer a while back, so I decided to repeat the concept but this time with fall and winter in mind. While the first time around was all about light, citrusy and fresh aromas, the sweater weather calls for warm, rich, deep notes for musky, spicy and/or woodsy scent experiences.

Plus: It’s always nicer when the packaging is stylish, right?

Here are 8 seductive Scandinavian perfumes that tick all boxes.

Pur o1 by Son Venin

This beautiful fragrance is inspired by a Mediterranean country where rose, lavender, and thyme, blended together reminds you of a warm sunset and the fresh notes of eucalyptus and sparkling spices passing by you. A charismatic fragrance that finishes with touches of amber and wood for a long lasting and addictive effect.” – An olfactory voyage in a bottle!



Onyx Pearl by Agonist

This fragrance by Swedish perfume house Agonist is pure Oud. It combines oriental flowers, Arabian our and white leather as top notes, with heliotrope, amber, and patchouli as body notes. You’ll smell sandalwood, cedarwood and white musk in the base notes – The perfume is very seductive, suitable for men or women.

Agonist was launched in 2008 by a couple with a background in fashion and visual art. The brand is inspired by Nordic nature, culture and iconic creatives Ingmar Bergman, Karin Boye and Greta Garbo. The bottles are handcrafted in Sweden in collaboration with glass artist Åsa Jungnelius at Kosta Boda.



HEIA by Skandinavisk

A delicious fragrances that combines heather & thyme, bearberry & leaf sap. You will be transported to rough, exposed terrain in the higher altitude fells of northern Scandinavia, with an abundance of hardy shrubs, wild herbs and berries, and fragrant hills of heather. This is a perfume oil, meaning it offers a more intimate wear than spray-on perfume, often perceptible only by you or those close to you.



Touch by Ann Ringstrand

Ann Ringstrand, a co-founder of Swedish fashion company HOPE, launched her eponymous line of lifestyle products last year, with a mission is to provide goods to help “get in contact with ourselves so that we can feel and be more.”

Modern, aromatic and earthy perfumes are part of the assortment, and I’ve selected Touch as a fabulous fall scent. It has a leathery, spicy and powdery scent, with top notes of Juniper berry, Black pepper, Coriander seeds, and Carrot seeds. The designer builds the scent middle with Guaiac wood and Olibanum and a base of Oud, Papyrus and Castorium sub.



1917 by Frama Studio

Frama is a multidisciplinary design studio in Copenhagen, with products ranging from furniture, lighting, books, kitchens, and apothecary. This Eau de Parfum is inspired by the iconic scent Chypre by perfumer Coty, launched in 1917; hence the name. It features layers of bergamot, cedarwood, rose, lilac, oakmoss, patchouli and seaweed to form a green, vibrant expression and a deep, mysterious character.



Mallumo Eau de Toilette by Tromborg

Mallumo by Copenhagen-based Tromborg is a unisex Eau de Toilette made from essential oils, with delicious notes (or “molecular vibrations, as the company calls them) of patchouli, bergamot, vanilla and rose, among others. It was created to “bring light into the darkness”. Created by Marianne Tromborg, the eponymous luxury beauty brand also offers skincare and makeup that are organic and natural; just like their perfumes. They focus on natural well-being, and use essential oils as well as plant extracts. The products are produced in Denmark, following the philosophy ‘less is more’.



Courage by Sprekenhus

Inspired by the power of determination, Courage is an intense blend of aromatic extracts and ingredients that evoke curiosity, bravery, and fulfillment. This masculine fragrance has notes of clove, sandalwood, and cardamom. Alexander Sprekenhus was established in Norway, Oslo in 2010. The company creates hair and body care products made from well tested botanical and laboratory distilled ingredients. With gentle, yet effective formulations and a focus on minimalist design, they believe in positive habits of wellbeing.

Photo: Ann Ringstrand

This story was originally published on October 03, 2018. It has since been updated and republished by Catherine Lazure-Guinard. 

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