Ann Ringstrand Presents Eponymous Line of Products Design for our Senses

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Co-founder of Swedish fashion company HOPE, designer Ann Ringstrand is just revealed her eponymous line of lifestyle products: fragrances, jewelry, ceramic, art and studio wear. “Design for our senses” is the motto behind the new brand, as its mission is to provide goods to help “get in contact with ourselves, so that we can feel and be more.”

The launch event, which took place yesterday at Lindsay Adelman’s New York city showroom, featured an exhibition of the work of sculptors Maria Moyer; some of her beautiful ceramic pieces were used as diffusers.

Made in France, the scented oil collection consists of Ground, Gather and Touch, tree scents that are modern, aromatic and earthy – Barely available on the market, and they are already sold out. Better be quick if you want to put your hands on one of those!

Her modern jewelry line is handmade by artisans in the mountain area of Belo Horizonte in Brazil, and are made of silver with black quartz, white howlite stone, tourmaline, volcano lava stone, and wood, among others. Ann’s studio wear looks comfy and yet, stylish. To view all her products, visit her online shop.


More from Ann:

“I have constantly lived my life in the fast lane focusing on the future. NOW has never been on my agenda. I came to a point where I was missing the feeling of present life. I started searching for tools to support my need to be in the moment. I discovered that a fantastic way to get in contact with myself was to include my senses. They helped me reach into my body and create a sensor between the world around me and my emotional mood. By using the sense of smell, touch, taste and hearing I started to experience life more.

I wanted to bring home tools for the senses, like scents, ceramic oil burners and gem stones. But I was missing products that were carrying both native wisdom, from the world of spirituality, and a design for my urban life that matched my aesthetic style. I started to visualize a design concept combining these two needs. My new brand, founded from my own experience and conviction was born” – Source

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You can purchase the products via Ann’s online shop.


Thanks to stylist Lotta Agaton for the tip!


Photos: Ann Ringstrand



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