15 New Products I Loved at the 2019 Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

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Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, one of Scandinavia’s biggest design events, took place earlier this month. It is really a big happening where showrooms, galleries, residences, hotels, and studios throughout the city open their doors. It is the meeting place for Scandinavian brands, designers, stylists, journalists, and bloggers, to see and be seen, discover the latest trends, attend parties, and see new product launches – An exciting time of the year many await with anticipation and high expectations.

I’ve rounded up 15 of my favorite new designs that I spotted at the fair, and that I bet we’ll be seeing a lot in the upcoming year. Possibly Scandinavian design icons in the making?

Here they are, in no particular order.


1. Apiales chandelier by Nuura


2. Hommage Grand table by Matti Carlson for Tre Sekel


3. Bastone cabinet by Antrei Hartikainen


4. Bob light by Bla Station in collaboration with Zero


5. Barba armchair by Andreas Engesvik for Fogia


6. Tilda sofa by Anderssen Voll for Mete furniture 


7. Stools by Katja Pettersson for Swedese


8. Jari chair by Oeo Studio for Brdr Kruger


9. Linea Akademia chair by Kaksikko


10. Calmo sofa by Fredericia


11. Kasthall’s new rug designer tool (not a product, but still very cool!)


12. Bounce chandelier by Pholc


13. AML Stool by Andreas Martin Löf for Frama


14. Novel chair by Friends & Founders


15. Betty chairs by Thau & Kallio for &Tradition



Photo at the top: Fredericia




  1. Willi
    22 Feb 2019 / 19:04

    Wow, I really like the chandelier by Nuura! The Jari chair looks somewhat familiar, I guess it’s because a lot of chairs these days have a certain Wegner aesthetic (the backrest in particular), but I like homages. The Hommage grand table is especially beautiful but surely very expensive. Great selection of new products!

    • 23 Feb 2019 / 10:28

      Thanks, I am happy you enjoyed it! My two favorites are also the Nuura chandelier and Hommage table! The latter is also available as a side table, might fit more in the budget (although also surely expensive ;))

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