You Are One Call Away From A More Beautiful Home

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Do you sometimes feel like all you need is another set of eyes to get “unstuck” with your remodeling projects and to bounce ideas off someone who knows what they’re talking about?  

Do you ever wished you had a little guidance to help solve your decorating dilemmas and to finally put the final touches to your home? 

You are not alone.

After years as an interior design consultant, I realized that very often, a sense of direction and quick, actionable tips are what many people need – And not necessarily an extensive, turnkey design service (and price tag)… 

That’s why I created my new service: DESIGNER ON CALL.  

During short, effective and personalized video calls with me, you will get expert advice, functional ideas and honest recommendations so you can find the clarity and confidence you need to quickly move forward, decorate thoughtfully, and live beautifully. 

It is for those of you who:

– Need assistance sourcing products for your home;
– Are remodeling and need a professional opinion;
– Want suggestions for wall colors and/or materials;
– Are drawn to Scandinavian interiors and want to know how to recreate the look;
– Want to have general decorating advice on how to make the most of their home. 

Example questions:

– I feel something is missing in this room. How can I complete the look?
– I’ve seen a home that I love on Nordic Design. How can I recreate the look?
– Where do you personally shop for great design pieces?
– How can I improve the look of my home with a small budget?
– Can you help me clarify my style?
– I am remodeling my kitchen. Can you share your top tips?
– Which color should I paint my walls?
– What layout do you recommend for my living room?

Sessions will last between 15 to 60 minutes, starting at just $45*. 

Time slots will be limited, so get on the waitlist to be notified before everyone else when sessions are made available.

I can’t wait to connect with you!


*Launch price offer


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