The Work of Stylist Elin Kickén

, , , By Catherine

Today’s inspiration comes from Elin Kickén, an interior stylist based in Gothenburg. I’ve selected some pictures of her beautiful work featured her blog hosted by Residence Magazine. She definitely knows how to play with textures, to create a soft, serene atmosphere, and to add warmth to a minimal and simple interior.

Photos: Elin Kickén Elin-Kicken-01 Elin-Kicken-02 Elin-Kicken-03 Elin-Kicken-04 Elin-Kicken-05 Elin-Kicken-06 Elin-Kicken-07 Elin-Kicken-08 Elin-Kicken-09


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  1. 26 Sep 2014 / 16:51

    There are some striking things here. I do like the different textures. I could wish for color highlights, though, since I find so much black & white to be too stark for me. Still, these photos are giving me things to think about regarding my own decor choices. Thanks!

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