Shapes + Words by Therese Sennerholt

, , , , By Erika Vierto

I’m super excited to tell you that a new collection of prints and postcards by Therese Sennerholt has been launched, and they are perfect for sprucing up your walls!
Shapes + Words, as the name states, includes more shapes than Sennerholt’s work usually features. She explains: “Sometimes words are unnecessary” – I couldn’t agree more!
As a great fan of Sennerholt’s work, I’m loving this stylish new collection, I’d love to collect them all.

Photos: Kristofer Johnsson via Elisabeth Heier 

Therese-Sennerholt-Shapes-Words-02 Therese-Sennerholt-Shapes-Words-03 Therese-Sennerholt-Shapes-Words-04 Therese-Sennerholt-Shapes-Words-05 Therese-Sennerholt-Shapes-Words-06 Therese-Sennerholt-Shapes-Words-07 Therese-Sennerholt-Shapes-Words





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