Wooden Cabin in the Swedish Archipelago

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This cosy and inviting cabin is the work of architect Max Holst and developer Strömma Projekt AB. The cabin blends well with the surroundings, with its black painted exterior and the black concrete pillars that it stands on. To increase its connection with nature, the cabin was made of locally sourced timber. The large windows offer magnificent views and let a lot of natural light in. The interior is stylish and minimalistic, decorated with carefully selected design pieces such as Wegner’s Wishbone chairs. The huge sheltered terrace works as an extension to the interior and connects well it with the dark exterior. I can imagine its the best spot in the house to have a cup of coffee in the mornings!

Located in the Swedish Archipelago, the cabin fits in perfectly with the stark landscape and pine trees. It truly offers an excellent hideaway for the cabin owners!

Photos: Hannes Söderlund via Max HolstGBlog

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Wooden Cabin in the Swedish Archipelago_3

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Wooden Cabin in the Swedish Archipelago



  1. 2 Apr 2014 / 05:37

    One cannot help loving the swedish nature, and this cabin blends in nicely. Quite inspiring :-)

  2. 3 May 2018 / 12:13

    Is it possible to see the floor plan or interior photos of the bathroom?

  3. 1 Apr 2019 / 09:42

    WOW, amazing so pure so simple. I which i could do yoga on that terrace

  4. 1 Apr 2019 / 09:43

    What type of wood is used?

  5. 9 Apr 2019 / 13:23

    It looks like Pine tree to me. Most of what trees in Sweden is Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris)

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