Sleek interior with fantastic chevron floor

, , , By Catherine

I’m totally chevron crazy when it comes to flooring, and I love to see this characterful parquet in a modern space. Naturally, I was drooling over these beautiful pictures from Rzemioslo Architektoniczne. The floor adds warmth to the sleek black and white color scheme, as well as timeless appeal. So beautiful. I’m swoon.

Photos: Rzemioslo Architektoniczne


Sleek-interior-chevron-floor8 Sleek-interior-chevron-floor7 Sleek-interior-chevron-floor6 Sleek-interior-chevron-floor5
Sleek-interior-chevron-floor3 Sleek-interior-chevron-floor2 Sleek-interior-chevron-floor



  1. Deleted User
    9 Mar 2014 / 12:24

    Oh wow, I completely agree. This is gorgeous!

    • Dian Hoyt
      18 Feb 2018 / 15:42

      No wonder the suicide rate is so high in scandinavia Looks like a minim security facility.

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