Welcoming attic apartment in Norway

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In Tofte, Norway, you’ll find a lovely 12-room guesthouse named Bikuben (which means ‘beehive’ in Norwegian). It is run by Trine Thorsen, a talented photographer and blogger. She lives in a gorgeous apartment in the building’s attic with her family.

Benefiting from good ceiling height, the place is light and airy. Trine used several black elements to create a strong look. She has the ability to mix textures, and to combine old and new furniture. She also beautifully displays her collection of props and vintage finds. The overall look is welcoming, personal and stylish. Trine truly has an eye for details, don’t you think?

Photos: Trine Thorsen via Bo Bedre & Emma

Home-of-Trine-Thorsen-06Home-of-Trine-Thorsen-01 Home-of-Trine-Thorsen-02 Home-of-Trine-Thorsen-03 Home-of-Trine-Thorsen-04 Home-of-Trine-Thorsen-05  Home-of-Trine-Thorsen-07 Home-of-Trine-Thorsen-08


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