Villa Bondö by Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture

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Located in a birch and pine forest on the outskirts of the Swedish city Gothenburg Villa Bondö by Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture is a family house flooded with natural light and striking views on the Gravsjön lake. The house has been designed on different levels, volumes and terraces, following the slope of the site. The minimalist villa is clad in vertical larch planks to blend into the woody surroundings. Their appearance, left in their natural state, will change over the time; it will get a nice patina and will become grayer, to match the zinc roof perfectly.

The Gothenburg-based firm has treated the entrance facade as a screen in front of the lake. The entrance window, through which you can get a glance of the landscape hiding behind the house, is the main focal point. On the other side, the facade overlooking the lake has abundant windows and rooftop terrace on the upper level offering panoramic views at each level of the house.

The architects extruded a fully glazed gable-shaped volume, which they call “the church”, giving the kitchen and the dining room an impressive double-height space. The interior, with all its white surfaces punctuated with black details, has that bright and minimalist look that gives the whole project a touch of dynamism and openness.











Photos: Mikael Olsson 



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